Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. How long have we cried that democracy’s died that there is no real choice in our elections? Well there’s choice now. Didn’t we always say it’s a shame the nominee is always pretty much selected not too long after New Hampshire and Iowa. Well this go round, aren’t things going right up to the wire? Isn’t every state getting a say?

Hillary is the “man in the middle,” bracketed by Trump on the right, Bernie on the left. The Republican electorate threw out all their establishment candidates, settling on a fire breather for their stalwart. The Dems are still trying to make up their minds as to whether or not they want to select their own robust champion or their milder mainstream alternative.

The Democrats and the Republicans, some call them Republicrats, only play lip service to their parties’ ideals, on most key issues, they pretty much move in synch. And this one is no different. Both are united in seeing to it that when all is said and done, there’ll not be a usurper sitting upon the throne. Thus, the leadership of both parties and the media, those who put on and those who present the show, will move heaven and earth to insure that there is not a contest in November that truly pits the left against the right.

Listen to what they say. Trump cannot possibly win in November. His negatives are way too high. As for Sanders, his ideas are naught but pie in the sky. Okay. But if it is Trump vs. Sanders, even though neither can, one of them would have to win. Yes. And that is what must never come to pass. So watch as the powers-that-be slowly but surely coalesce around the man in the middle, and that would be Madame Hillary.