…… Recall the story about the cop who cursed out the Uber driver. Turns out the cop has had 12 complaints from the public in his 15 years on the force. The obvious question? What were those complaints? Were they all for just verbal, and not physical, abuse? We are not told. And the press isn’t even asking.
…….. Recall Rolling Stone magazine recanting the sex assault allegations made at  the University of Virginia in Charlotte. We are told that Rolling Stone violated all the tenets of journalism, and then some. Okay. But was the young woman assaulted? In other words, maybe Rolling Stone did not cover the story correctly, but was she sexually assaulted? Most of the coverage says not a word about this key question. That that does says she is mentally disturbed. Okay. Then why is she not being committed  to a mental hospital or mandated to undergo some form of treatment?
……..  Go back about five years or so to the case of the young lady who saidd she was sexually assaulted by members of the Duke Lacrosse team. Her story was also discredited. However, the young woman was never charged with having filed a false police report. Why not, if the authorities thought her story false. Or if they thought that she was mentally disturbed, why was she not committed to a mental hospital or mandated to undergo treatment.
……….. Go back about 30 years to the case of Tawana Brawley, a black teenager who said she was sexually assaulted by a group of law enforcement officers. Her story was discredited, and again, she was never charged or mandated to undergo mental treatment or therapy. . . . At the time she made them her charges were intitally swept under the rug until a Black celebrity demanded, “Somebody has to know something!” Then the press and the authorities initiated a flurry of activity that eventually exonerated the officers. Keep in mind that the injuries she suffered were so horrendous that she was hospitalized for weeks and walks with a limp. How did she get her injuries? According to the official government investigation, they  were self-inflicted because she stayed out too late with her boyfriend and was afraid her stepfather would beat her. And who was that Black celebrity that jump started ithe case? Bill Cosby.
………..  Finally, in the case of the shooting in South Carolina, everyone is hailing the fact that the cop was indicted for murder. Great. But if he is not also indicted on a lesser charge, as well, he may walk. The jury, for whatever reason, remember they are juries, may decline to convict him of murder, which usually involves pre-meditation. With no other charges, he would be set free.   ( Arthur Lewin  www.AfricaUnliimited.com  )