Today we learn that four Americans including the US ambassador were killed in an attack on the US embassy in Libya. This is a severe breach of diplomacy not to mention human decency. It is also a great irony. The US without any mandate from the United Nations or the American people and without any provocation toppled the Libyan government, and the forces that it armed and equipped summarily executed the Libyan leader, Muammar Qadaffi, in public.

This is especially problematic for the president. He has been touting his foreign policy experience and expertise. However, this debacle is directly traceable back to actions which he set in motion.  The fact that he is Black and that Libya is in Africa somehow muted the criticism of his unilateral actions in this pivotal African nation. The Republicans will slam him hard on this, and it may have a direct impact on the election.  In addition, those few individuals and groups that did criticize him on his unwarranted actions in Libya, both on the left and the right, will also assail him with renewed vigor.

Libya it should be noted, prior to the fall of Qadaffi had the highest per capita income on the continent and was at the forefront of the African Union, the organization  attempting to greatly strengthen the politcal and economic links of the 53 nations in Africa.

( by Dr. Arthur Lewin, author of Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent, )