For three days they gathered in a cavernous blue hall and listened to speech after stirring speech oft rising to their feet in raucous cheer. They were a cornucopia of faces from every ethnic group, culture and strata in America. For three days they sat in that hall and watched at home the convention unfold. All leading up to the moment when the president would take the stage. And when he did emerge he truly verified that the varied throng was not stage dressing, but the sum and substance of the entire land. He looked like one of the people, not one chosen from the same old crew. And that spoke volumes before he even said a word.

His vice president had praised him to the heavens. A former president, his own wife his assistant, had chopped out the underbrush to make a clearing for him to stand.

What does it say about America today when women of every hue look to a Black man to protect their reproductive rights? That there is but a small reactionary band desperately trying to hold on to a past that’s fading fast.  President Obama has not done all that he could have done, perhaps in the failed hope that he could compromise with those working diligently for his demise. But the outlandish attacks and greedy policies of the opposition guarantee that he’ll have a strong turnout on his behalf come November.

He shall win. The only question is how large the margin. He may get a mandate. And if he does the opposition’s days are numbered. And the other party will return to the fold and  compete for every demographic group in the land. And then the dread forces of obstruction and reaction will retreat and recede for the foreseeable future and then some?