africaHumanity began in Africa 6,000,000 years ago. Every person on earth is descended from a woman who lived in Africa 250,000 years ago.

The pharaohs ruled Egypt for 3,000 years. One of the earliest pharaohs built the Great Pyramid at Giza. It is still the largest building that the world has ever seen. It is composed of millions of blocks of solid stone each weighing at least two tons. A shaft that emanates from the heart of the pyramid is aimed at the star Sirius in the constellation Orion. This star is near a black hole which is a portal that leads to the other side of the universe. The ancient Egyptians claimed that their ancestors came from the other side of the universe.

The people from the area now called Iran invaded Egypt in 666 BC. The Greeks arrived in 333 BC. The Romans in 50 BC. These invasions caused many Egyptians to flee to every corner of the continent.

The Greek philosophers studied in Egypt. The Jews claim to have spent centuries in Egypt. The figure called Christ is said to have spent two decades in Egypt. The university system of today is modeled after the Egyptian system of learning. The Greeks and the Romans destroyed more than 1,000,000 Egyptian books.

In 711 the Africans conquered the areas today called Spain and Portugal. Their last stronghold on this, the Iberian peninsula, was not eliminated until 1492. It was the longest occupation in world history.

Millions of Africans were taken as slaves to the Americas. The Europeans completed their conquest of nearly the entire continent in the late 1800s. Two hundred years later they have relinquished political control. Today there are 54 nations in Africa, their boundaries are nearly identical to the lines that the Europeans drew as they carved up the continent into colonies. These 54 nations contain more than 500 different, contending ethnic groups. Though the nations of Africa are politically free, their economies are still tied to the West.

Napoleon invaded Egypt 200 years ago. Soon after Napoleon’s people learned how to read the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Age of Enlightenmet began in Europe.

The Romans used Africa to feed their empire. In recent centuries Africans were used to develop the Americas, and the mineral wealth of Africa has benefitted the world. The plunder of Africa’s resources, human and natural, has severely disrupted African cultures and societies.

Though Africa is the Motherland and sustainer of humanity, few know its history, and its people are reviled, and oppressed, at home and abroad. If the story is not reversed, the end seems clear. Once humanity’s foundation is completely destroyed, its own demise cannot be far behind. But it may not be too late. If we again revere the Motherlannd, and properly honor our ancestors, perhaps they will forgive us and save us from ourselves. . .

by Dr. Arthur Lewin, author of Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent,