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olmec1King  Khankan Musa set sail from Mali, West Africa in 1310 with 400 ships, filled with thousands of soldiers and tons of gold, to explore the fabled lands far across the waters. He never returned. Did he reach the Americas?

A thousand years earlier, ancient Egyptian trading ships had crossed the Atlantic. Caught in strong ocean currents, while sailing the coasts of Africa, they were cast into the open sea eventually landing in Mexico and becoming rulers in a mighty civilization known as the Olmec. They built many pyramids and carved giant stone heads in their own image. Columbus, when he reached the Caribbean, encountered traders from Africa. He also met Black inhabitants. Today they are called the Black Caribs. Thousands of them still reside in Dominica, St. Vincent and on several other islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The famous book, They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, goes into all of this in great detail.

When the sun rises on the pyramids of Egypt it is setting on those in Mexico and nearby Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, and when it sets in Egypt it is rising here. There are hundreds of forgotten cities, thousands of years old, scattered throughout southern Mexico and Central America. In many rural areas, every hill covers an ancient ruin just waiting to be unearthed.

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