Let’s clear this up right now. If you are African American and you are stopped by the police do not behave as if you have rights equal to everyone else in this society. 

A Black woman in Texas was pulled over for not signalling as she changed lanes. When the policeman who stopped her asked, “Would you mind putting out your cigarette, please,” she refused to do so. She was then arrested, jailed and two days later found dead in her cell.

Her name is Sandra Bland, look up the discussion of this case on the internet. You will find that a number of individuals with high status in the criminal justice system feel that the officer did not break any laws, and huge swaths of the public are in agreement.

Any rational person knows that a police officer cannot lawfully arrest someone for not putting out their cigarette when sitting in their own car. Therefore, as evidenced by the discussion of this case on the internet, many officers, and those who supervise them, are not thinking in a rational manner, and neither is much of the public.

Therefore, if you are African American, and you act like you have the full rights accorded to all American citizens, you are making a grave mistake.

Yes, this situation must be changed, but in the interim please make sure that you are still with us to engage in the struggle. Thank you.

( Arthur Lewin,  AfricaUnlimited.com )