Fox News Megyn Kelly vehemently insisted that Santa Claus was white and so was Jesus and that both are recognized, established  historical figures, their race is known with certainty. Is there any truth to her claims? None whatsoever.
Santa Claus is a mythical figure. Various cultures claim that various historical figures were the basis of the legend, Which is true, if any, and keep in mind many of those offered as the basis of the myth were not white Northern European. As for Jesus Christ, his existence is far from settled. There is a raging debate in academic circles about the historicity of Jesus. And one cannot weigh the evidence without taking into account the vast political and economic power Western interests gained by promulgating and spreading, worldwide, the notion not only that Jesus Christ was real but that he was a white man and actually God, the Lord of the Universe.
There are more stars in Creation than all the grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the world! And the white man, Jesus Christ, we are told is the Creator behind everything that ever was, is and will be. As you may know Christianity, Judaism and Islam all spring from the same root. It is forbidden in Islam to make any depiction whatsoever of any of the prophets, let alone the Deity. The same is true of Judaism. And the same is supposed to be true of Christianity. The second of the 10 commandment explicitly forbids the creation of any religious images. And many Christian sects abide by those rules. But the ones who hold forth with the image of a white Jesus who is The Lord of the Universe are the ones who have spread all across the earth with the armies of Europe forcing all to bow down before him. Slavery and colonialism have long ended but these traditions are deeply rooted in many of the formerly enslaved and colonized.
Megyn Kelly two days after she stoutly insisted that Santa Claus, and more importantly Jesus Christ, both existed and both were definitiely white, claimed that she was only joking. Take a look at the video. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why did she say these things? Was it because she and Fox News and the people they “inform” are shattered that there is a Black president and a Black family living in the White House, and so they absolutely draw the line at the loss of two more white icons?  Finally, here is a response to her attempt to claim that it was all a joke. Arthur Lewin, )