988621_10151661051799039_582031657_n (2)No one will save us but us. We cannot wait for the president. We cannot wait for the Attorney General. We cannot wait for the NAACP. We cannot wait for the courts. We cannot wait period. They arrest us in droves for any reason or no reason. And once we get to court, they throw the book at us. The police shoot us with impunity and now private citizens have been told that they can stalk us, hunt us, confront us and when we try to escape, they can kill us and walk. If we do nothing we are doomed. Everyone is calling for calm and no violence. Fine. What action do we take? Boycott Florida. Stop patronizing businesses headquartered in Florida. Stop going to Disney World, until Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws are repealed. And then pick out another state or another entity to boycott and bring it to its knees.

On the eve of the Civil War in the Dred Scott decision the Supreme Court said point blank, “A black man has no rights that a white man need respect.” On the eve of the Civil Rights movement, Emmitt Till, an innocent 14 year old was brutally, savagely, tortured and killed and the jury let his admitted killers walk free. Last Saturday the man who murdered an innocent Black youth who was bothering not a soul was told, you did nothing wrong, you can go free. We must start a new movement to end the injustice of the criminal justice system which has replaced the Jim Crow Laws as our jailer, torturer and executioner.  The first thing we should do, before we do anything else, is stop giving our money to the people that have sanctioned our summary executions. Boycott Florida and any business based in Florida. The people are already saying this, but the media will not mention this. No one will save us but us. Boycott Florida or roll over and die.  Arthur Lewin, www.AfricaUnlimited.com