There once was a country that was not perfect, no country is. But it had one of the highest standards of living in Africa, and it had that most valuable national commodity, stable rule. And it was at the forefront of unifying the African continent politically and economically. But then the regime was toppled after a civil war in which outside forces, led by the United States, gave vast overwhelming support to the insurgents. Yes, the UN gave the okay to suppress the nation’s Air Force operations, but that was taken out of context to bomb the government into submission. Afterwards the leader was brutally killed.

The new government, however, turned out to be not a government at all, but a collection of individuals with little authority over warring bands. The newly “liberated” nation teeters on anarchy. One of these bands attacked an American consulate building killing several individuals, one of whom was the point man who coordinated the assault on the toppled regime. The American president who authorized the assault on the nation is under suspicious scrutiny regarding his administration’s report of what took place the night the consulate was attacked. His spokesperson who delivered that report is also being assailed. And the American intelligence agency that coordinated the toppling of the regime is torn by conflict. Its head forced to resign under a cloud. Also, somehow the internal American police agency, the FBI, has also become embroiled while the elite of America’s generals are falling from grace one by one. Libya has become a nightmare for everyone. And so we see that sometimes, yes, it is better to let sleeping dogs lie and simply leave well enough alone. . .

by Dr. Arthur Lewin,

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