As Gil Scott Heron famously observed, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!” But we can publicize. Help get the word out. Pass this on to everyone on your email list. . .

African peoples around the world are under attack. In this country only 52% of Black high school students graduate on time. We have the largest prison system in the world with well over two million individuals, mainly people of color, locked behind bars. Ten times as many as 30 years ago. Here in New York City Black youths by the thousands are Stopped and Frisked each day to prime them for the prison pipeline.

Meanwhile, in Africa four million people were killed in the last ten years in the Congo as Western interests fund a deadly conflict over precious minerals. And this is just one of many wars in the Motherland.  Though African nations are free politically, they are tied tight as ever economically to outside control.

Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe, has been demonized in the international press, and the West is destabilizing the country, because he dared demand that Black farmers have a decent share of their own land. The same issue simmers in South Africa where we also see Black miners, in scenes reminiscent of apartheid, being shot and killed for asking for a living wage.

If not for the African liberation struggle, the civil rights movement would never have gotten off the ground. The US could ill afford to allow police in the South to brutalize African Americans fighting for their rights, for fear that this would sway newly liberated nations in Africa to ally themselves with the Soviet Union. Now that Russia has all but disappeared from the world scene, the forces of repression have been unleashed in Africa and here at home.

These vital issues threatening our survival are not being covered at all in the press or the schools. It is up to Africans in America and all people of good will to stand up and protest and publicize and fight these injustices here at home and abroad. Frederick Douglass long ago declared, “Power yields nothing without a demand!” To learn more and to have your voices heard, join the rally at the UN next Wednesday 9/26 startinng at 4;30.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” But we can publicize. Help us get the word out. Tell everyone you know on every contact list you possess. . .

Pan-African Rally

Wed. 9/26   4:30 P.M. 47 St. + 1st Ave.

For more info (718) 398-1766

Hope to see you there. Arthur Lewin,