African Beauty Video


Here’s a video you’ll never see on TV. It pays homage to the Mother of Humanity. Every person on earth traces their lineage to the womb of one woman, our collective Mother. She lived in Africa100,000 years or so ago. What exactly did she look like? We can’t say for sure, but this short film will give you an idea and more. When it’s done look around you and see, all the beautiful women of Africa that surround thee, in the street, on the job, in the home, on your arm. Won’t you give her her due? 350,000 people have seen this video. Make it 350,001. If you pass it on, I am sure we can make it a million and then some. So sit back, relax, enjoy and truly marvel at the Beautiful Women of Africa!

African Beauty Video

( presented by Dr. Arthur Lewin, author of Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent, )

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